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License plate 21 has been in Ohs' family for half a century, ever Plates 1 and 2 are available, but no one has asked for them. Within a few weeks, Quinn was proposing that Illinois competitively bid its low-number plates to.

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“Low-number plates, that shows you have big you-know-whats,” an Starting in the s, license plate “1” was passed through a series of.

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The history of personalized license plates in Illinois. By Roger Schlueter Sidney S. Gorham, of LaGrange, was issued license plate number 1.

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In Illinois, an individual can bequeath a license plate in a will, transfer Since , Illinois license plate number 1 was issued to the leader of.

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Quinn Wants To Put Illinois "1" License Plate Up For Bid most coveted in the state, was last used by Dorothy Ogilvie, the widow of former Gov.

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But the most valuable possession of all was the license plate on the car. Today, plate number "1" is reserved for the governor, "2" is for the.

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Dave Bakke column: If you see a four-digit license plate in Springfield, you figure the driver is somebody with connections. But the story behind His plate number , , has no snob factor. Posted May 1, at AM Updated May 1, at AM There were only 27, cars registered in Illinois in