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parish relations committees (P/SPRC) care for their pastoral leaders, and maybe even occasionally overwhelm them with appreciation and love. A pastor's main.

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How do you care for your pastor? I started to understand this when I read an article that was later turned into a small pamphlet titled Praying for.

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Who cares for your pastor? Surely, most people do. Possibly, though, only a few may care in ways that benefit the pastor's life and ministry.

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The man who has been selected as the senior pastor is the elder who has the responsibility to preach on Sunday morning. A church should care for its senior.

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Pastor? Being involved in Christian ministry can be wonderfully rewarding with time to pray, care for others, study God's word and possibly lead to changing lives .

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Who Cares for Pastor's. Wes and Judy Roberts. It's now called, simply, "The LEADERSHIP List." Published regularly in the journal, it is a guide to ministries.

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(RNS) — A pastor's spouse once told me a touching true story. Inscribed on the gold band she gave her husband on their wedding day are the.