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Skywatch is a city on the island of Auridon, Summerset Isles. It is one of the largest cities on Auridon, rivaling the sizes of Vulkhel Guard and Firsthold. Quests .

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Elder Scrolls Online. Cities in Summerset Isles, Lore: Cities, Lore: Summerset Isles Locations. Skywatch is one of the eight major cities located in the province of the Summerset Isles, situated in the central cliffs of Auridon.

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Elder Scrolls Online. Skywatch Wayshrine is a wayshrine located in Skywatch, in the region of Auridon. This The Elder Scrolls Online location page is a stub.

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Nov 19, Skywatch is a city at the eastern side of Auridon. The city is built around an ancient ruin and is a very prominent port for the Aldmeri Dominion.

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Apr 29, Maps showing the location of the Skywatch Wayshrine on Auridon in The Elder Scrolls Online. This is the main wayshrine for Skywatch.

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May 1, Enter the Fighters Guild in Skywatch and go through a door to climb up to the next floor, the Skyshard is on one of the balconies there.

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(skywatch). #1 April 0 Quote ยท Darkstorn Auridon is the main zone for the Aldmeri Dominion. You just need to part of the AD and you get dropped.