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Much of the oranges in Florida are grown in the southern two-thirds of the Florida peninsula, where there is low probability for a freeze. After a series of freezes.

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The most commonly-grown varieties of Florida oranges are Navel, Hamlin, Pineapple, Ambersweet and Valencia. The fresh orange season typically runs from.

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Here are some fun and interesting facts about Florida oranges and citrus. There are about 40 citrus packinghouses and 20 citrus processing plants in Florida.

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Few sights are as beautiful as a citrus grove bursting with oranges. Tour a citrus plant, enjoy fresh fruits and get souvenirs at one of these Florida orange groves.

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Explore the wide world of citrus. There are so many types of oranges in Florida, not to mention the grapefruit and specialty fruits that grow throughout the year.

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Now this isn't to say oranges grown in other parts of the world are not good, but truth be told everyone knows the oranges from Florida are bigger, sweeter and.

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Popularity of blood oranges seems to be on the rise, as consumers are attracted to their unique flavors and appearance. Florida citrus nurseries and growers.

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Tour a citrus plant, enjoy fresh fruits or pick up Florida citrus souvenirs at one of these Florida groves.

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There are many varieties which we do not grow, but we have friends all over Florida that grow the varieties which we don't. Florida Sweet Navel Oranges make a.