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To answer the question of when to prune flowering shrubs, we must first determine the reason behind the pruning. Do you wish to rejuvenate.

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Proven Winners - Rules of Thumb for Pruning Flowering Shrubs in Garden Maintenance Pruning Through If you do make a mistake, plants are very forgiving.

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Shrubs that should be pruned this spring soon after flowering include lilac, If you are new to pruning, tie a colorful ribbon or spray paint the branches to be.

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Spring-Flowering Trees and Shrubs . If you want to do major pruning, it's best to cut the shrub back when it is dormant in winter. Advertisement.

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Pruning flowering shrubs is an essential gardening technique that helps keep But like English lavender, should be pruned in mid-spring when you see small.

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Annual pruning also prolongs the life of these early-flowering shrubs. When to do it; How to prune; Problems Look out for the following problems when you are pruning; bacterial canker, bleeding from pruning cuts, bracket fungi, coral spot.

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Do you feel like you just got scolded by a third-grade teacher? Let it serve as a reminder that fall is not the right time to trim trees and shrubs.

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The correct time to prune your flowering shrubs depends on when they flower. of next year's blooms when you prune, especially if you shear your azaleas. These shrubs should be pruned in late winter or very early spring.