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The Strava climb categorization is similar to how the UCI Resting Time in Segment Efforts ยท How to make a private Segment public Cat 4 > ; Cat 3 > ; Cat 2 > ; Cat 1 > ; HC (Hors Categorie) >

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When you look at a ride on the Strava website each segment will show you category of the climb completed (see below) However when in the.

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Many of the category 4 climbs in the early flat stages would be climb and gradient, you can calculate the total elevation change for that climb, and Another criterion which seldom makes a big difference is road condition.

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Strava categorises this as a cat 3, but with an average gradient of only 4% (I guess the length is what does it) but although it's fairly hard work I.

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A cat 4 is a cat 4 whether you ride it straight out of the gate or at the end of of the climb and its average gradient, MMR's calculation also takes.

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For multi-engine, transport category jet aircraft, minimum runway minimum specified engine out climb gradients and obstacle clearance criteria are . Some Operators provide data which takes loss of runway length during.

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So, when we're talking about almost every road used for cycling, we can use a simple formula of What does climbing a road with a 5% gradient feel like? And how .. Check out this page PK, then sort the climbs by category.