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Please note that Broward Health is not an insurance provider. but are not limited to, Health Insurance Marketplace, Medicaid, Medicare, Florida KidCare, etc.

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Broward Health Insurance Assistance - MOPED Program Application assistance for food stamps; Discounted phone service; Florida KidCare, Healthy Kids.

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Community Advocate; Elizabeth Massey, Florida Department of OBTAINING HEALTH CARE WITHOUT INSURANCE IS TOO COSTLY.

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“Having health insurance gives patients and their families peace of mind, both before and after a hospital visit. It lets them focus on their health rather than how.

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Fort Lauderdale, FL - Broward Health is continuing its mission to help the In addition to providing insurance support, MOPED offers support in.

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View more information about these webinars. Health Insurance Marketplace in Florida. If you live in Florida, use palmcolors.com to apply for coverage, compare .

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PATIENT ACCESS SPECIALIST (Former Employee) – Fort Lauderdale, FL . I worked with patients that did not have any insurance who had W80 and W