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The sultry lust high(female) or deep(male) voice they use for making love. The man used his bedroom voice on his new wife on their.

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Why Does Her Voice Sound So Damn Sexy? wake up with in the morning, and it suggests the bedroom, sexual exertion, and sexual desire.

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Psychologists have found the secret of seduction lies in a husky voice.

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What is the meaning of bedroom voice? Showing results from over word lists.

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Russell Wilson left fans flabbergasted with a video of the bedroom voice he uses at home with Ciara.

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Men whose vocal tones are deep, rich and melodious have an attractive voice for business. Add a husky undertone and you'll appeal in the.

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It's the voice you use in the bedroom (bed) when you wanna have sex. A man would use it on a woman in a professional setting because.