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It's often hard to tell where online conspiracy theory ends and meme begins, and that's Why do objects fall if there's no gravity? . down there calling you an idiot sheep blinkered to the harsh reality of your sheeply life.

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wake up sheeple, sheeple, sheep, conspiracy, conspiracies, pejorative, derogatory, label, conspiracy theorists, theory, internet slang. Online, the term is commonly employed by conspiracy theorists to criticize those who question the validity of their beliefs, as encapsulated in.

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But the suggestion that countries and cities are mere figments of our imagination is a meme that dates back to the birth of the web. James Ball.

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It is a vast government conspiracy. If you think you are driving through wyoming, you are really unconscious in a secret government facility where scientists are.

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Henri The Cat Developed Some Conspiracy Theories About Visiting The Vet .. What if the government wants us to research conspiracy theories so they can.

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Strange Petition To Sell Montana To Canada For 1 Trillion Dollars Is Gaining Traction, Even By People Who Live There (18 Comments). FlyingScotsman. 1d.