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That's a pretty broad question as it could pertain to any of the tools, techniques or agents used. I think you're asking about the extinguishing agents so I will focus.

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Iranian firefighters had to extinguish the fire at Bistoon The increasing use of thermal insulation confines the heat, and.

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Before any firefighting can be done, the firefighters have to assess the fire to determine the best Many times, retardants are used to contain a fire, not put it out.

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Below are 10 of the techniques firefighters use to put fires out quickly, For a wildfire small enough to be snuffed out using a direct attack, firefighters may begin.

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As wildfires ravaged California this year, thousands of firefighters have "We don't just put blue stuff on the red stuff," said Scott McLean, Here's a look at the tactics and tools used by the men and women battling the flames: They slow the progression of the fire for the ground resources to put the fire out.

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A U.S. Forest Service firefighter sets a fire? What's all storm of flames and ash, your first instinct might not be to apply more fire to the dire situation. But think .

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Firefighters face considerable danger in their work, especially if they have to The most common method is to use water to put out the fire.