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In anatomy, the precordium or praecordium is the portion of the body over the heart and lower chest. Defined anatomically, it is the area of the anterior chest wall.

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facial region that comprising the various anatomical regions of the face, divided into buccal (side of oral cavity), infraorbital (below eye), mental (chin), nasal.

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Looking for online definition of precordial in the Medical Dictionary? adj pertaining to the region over the heart or stomach: the epigastrium and inferior portion.

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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia. Situated in front of the heart; pertaining to the præcordia. The precordial parts.

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Medical definition of precordial: situated or occurring in front of the heart.

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«Precordial» In anatomy, the precordium is the portion of the body over the heart and WHAT DOES PRECORDIAL MEAN IN ENGLISH? . precordial area.