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What does the Barreleye Fish eat? Scientists have actually examined the stomachs of this fish and found remains of cnidarian animals (a.

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Barreleye fish, the name itself suggests a hint of peculiarity. dome, but researchers were amazed to find out that the tubular eyes could actually rotate.

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Ever since the “barreleye” fish Macropinna microstoma was first the barreleye to peer up at potential prey or focus forward to see what it is eating. Most existing descriptions and illustrations of this fish do not show its.

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Barreleye are also known by the name Spookfish. A Barreleye grows up to 6 inches long. Barreleyes are What do Barreleyes eat? Choose a.

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Barreleye fish (Opisthoproctus soleatus) Opisthoproctus soleatus, a species of barreleye (Opisthoproctidae). Image credit: Brauer, A.

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Uniquely for vertebrates, the spookfish uses a mirror, not a lens, to focus The spookfish is the exception and the mirrored half of its eyes could and briefest of lights can mean the difference between eating and being eaten.

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The spookfish looks for shadows of things it could eat made against the very dim light coming from the sun above. Its eyes are very light sensitive but because of.

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Barreleyes, also known as spook fish are small deep-sea argentiniform fish comprising the Dolichopteryx longipes is the only vertebrate known to use a mirror (as well as a lens) in its eyes for focusing images. The toothless mouth is small.