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Core an apple and make apple rings with just a knife. I have used This way you can get maximum appleage w Step 1: You Will Need: 1 Apple and a Knife.

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Coring an Apple One Half at a Time can also do the same process if you cut the apple into fourths.

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Paring an apple, or removing its peel, is not difficult once you know what to do. Most people start by holding the knife within 1 inch ( cm) of the apple's top or . If you have enough peels, apple cores, or other waste fruit, you may not need to add wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our.

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Define cored. cored synonyms, cored pronunciation, cored translation, English 1. To remove the core or innermost part from: core apples. 2. a. To remove (a.

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This means that they'll do well in most of Europe, in most of North America, but it 1 pound ( g) apples = 10 oz ( g) peeled, cored and sliced = 3 cups.

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than hard-core. That guy got shot and is still walking, he is Apple-core! A word used by gay fags such as Clayton, but meaning Gay Kinky Butt Sex:) Or in an.

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Match your coring methods to suit the tools you have on hand, as well as your plans for the apple. How to Core an Apple Comments (1) Add a comment.