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It can even represent that you are having trouble dealing with reality or being in denial about something." So, if your dreams often include you.

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What do we know about this phenomenon of disturbed dreaming? And what's the difference between a bad dream and a nightmare?.

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Yes, there are common dream themes, but no, they don't all mean the same thing ." "My client got very upset and angry in the dream," says Freeman.

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What do your strange dreams mean? WebMD Freaky Dreams: What Do They Mean? . Barrett says only if the content is troubling. In the.

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So nightmares are a result of anxiety or a vivid dream-life - or often both. Dreamers distressed by garden-variety nightmares shouldn't just try.

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"A troubled car dream always means that you are going through a change - be it changing jobs or experiencing your first pregnancy," says Dr.