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Thestrals have an extraordinary sense of smell and will easily recognise the smell of blood and fresh flesh, even if the source of the scent is rather distanced.

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Thestrals are not marks of ill omen, nor (their spooky appearance notwithstanding) are they in any way threatening to humans, always allowing for the fright that.

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Magical creatures are an aspect of the fictional wizarding world contained in the Harry Potter Many of the legends surrounding mythical creatures are also incorporated in the books. . a more critical role in The Crimes of Grindelwald, serving as a tracker and the one who steals Grindelwald's blood pact with Dumbledore.

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The Elder Wand was made of elder and did contain a thestral hair. but it could have been imbued with properties from it, using the blood or some such thing. That would fits the legend that the Hallows were given as a gift from death.

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Thestrals are also dark-liking and meat-eating, quick flying, call-out with strange I thought skeletal bat-winged meat-eating horsy-things where found in mythology. . (OofP Ch21) Later, thestrals again are attracted by just the smell of blood.

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are the most feared and revered of all mythical beasts and beings. “Harry Potter, do you know what unicorn blood is used for?” “No,” said .. Thestrals are one.

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When you're the creator of a mythical world, you're pretty much of “mud” and “ blood,” used to indicate blood that has been tainted or Thestral are a dangerous type of horse only visible to those who have witnessed death.

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The book mentioned "winged horses," but the thestrals are quite a bit more I was reading my Greek Mythology book (yet again ;)) and I noticed that of OotP where the thestrals are licking the blood off of Hermione and.

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More thestrals show up in earnest—Harry and Hermione are covered to the point where Harry and Hermione are covered in his blood, and the . Centaurs are pretty sympathetic in the series, but not so in Greek mythology.