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The Ghanaian press on Tuesday, 27 November , highlights the assurance that power supply has been stabilised after a week of irregular.

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Power generation in Ghana has gone through a number of phases: The troubling rationing system, the slowdown in industrial activity, job.

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Policy think tank Institute of Energy Security (IES) has warned of an impending erratic power supply if government fails to as a matter of urgency.

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Ghana's 58th Independence Day will be well into the worst power crisis in Dumsor (literally “off-on” in the Akan language) has crippled.

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In Ghana, a dumsor is a persistent, irregular, and unpredictable electric power outage. The term is derived from two separate words from the Asante Twi, the Akuapem Twi or Fante dialects of the Akan language:dum ('to turn off or quench') .

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Ghana, which experienced days of blackout last year, is struggling to find viable energy solutions.