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Haley Hotchner (née Brooks) was the late ex-wife of SSA Aaron Hotchner and the mother of their son Jack. She divorced Hotch and took Jack with her during the third season and continued appearing throughout the series, until her death at the hands of George Foyet in the Season.

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Aaron "Hotch" Hotchner is a fictional character from the CBS crime drama Criminal Minds, Meredith Monroe's character Haley was later killed in season five by serial killer George Foyet. . Their father was a workaholic lawyer who survived cancer, and suffered a heart attack at 47, dying while Sean was still a child.

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Thomas Gibson in Criminal Minds () C. Thomas Howell and Thomas is played out and the role that Haley and Jack play in Foyet's game is revealed.

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Criminal Minds: - on palmcolors.com Aaron, were dead, Foyet tells Haley to go back to her home that that she and Aaron shared and wait for.

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Haley Hotchner (Criminal Minds) . the movement, and make sure that people don't die deaths like Poussey does just for being who they are.

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After 5 seasons, Criminal Minds has finally reached the episodic milestone of the coveted episode mark. While many series have reached.