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We've looked at the basic types of anime out there but now it's time to look the genre term “shonen ai” (literally meaning “young boy love”) is.

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When talking about anime and manga, there are a lot of Japanese terms each of the types can technically be of any genre, knowing which anime and Literally meaning “few years,” “shonen” (少年) typically refers to young.

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And so, I've come up with this anime genre list to serve as a complete guide with explanations and meanings for all of them. I've tried my best to.

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This is a list of terms that are specific to anime and manga. Note: Japanese . Japanese acronym for "yama nashi, ochi nashi, imi nashi" (no climax, no point, no meaning). Male-on-male sexual content; usually created.

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Action: Tends to involve scenes of violence, fighting and general chaos. Adult: As it's titled, Adult animes/mangas are to be viewed by an adult.

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The action genre in anime depicts extremely high levels of high-intensity action. . Mecha stands for mechanical (in this case, mechanical units or robots). You'll.