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He can do what Hulk did in World War Huk: the X men #2. Or Originally Answered: Who would win, Wolverine (Marvel) or Lobo (DC)?. Who would win.

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HULK vs LOBO . Lobo would beat The Hulk in a good fight mad enough and strong enough to show that DC wanna-be-wolverine who the real Main Man is.

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This has been pissing me off since the really crappy Marvel vs DC cross over. Who would actually win in a fight: Lobo or Wolverine. Not against the hulk.

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Wolverine and Hulk are in a bare concrete room, where they are to battle to the death. times wolverine would regenerate until eventually it was Wolverine vs sleeping Bruce. . That's definitely Lobo The Main Man from DC.

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Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk asked the question, "Who would win in a fight? Lobo was designed as a brutal parody of Wolverine's violent.

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Batman does his best to fight the Hulk, but he's simply no match for his agree that whomever can immobilize their opponent first wins the match. . 5 WOLVERINE VS. LOBO. Wolverine-Fights-Lobo. Later that same issue.

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Superman, basically by pummeling Hulk until he can't get up anymore. WOLVERINE VS. LOBO. Who's Fighting?: Marvel's favorite mutant.

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Aquaman would beat Namor in a fight but it would be close Superman, while the Hulk is stronger, Supes powerset put him above the gamma bomb! Wolverine vs. Lobo is on another power level compared to Wolverine.

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DC vs. Marvel Comics was a comic book limited series crossover published by DC Comics and Marvel Comics from April to May Aquaman wins by summoning a whale to leap out of the water and land on Namor. Since Namor Hulk (Marvel). Wolverine beats Lobo in a brutal barfight which was largely off panel.

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Elektra (Marvel) vs. Wolverine beats Lobo in a brutal barfight. Iron Man isn't that bad at facing brute strength he beat up the Hulk.