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Oh god, I had a dream just last night where something like that happened to me, why does this need to infest my thoughts.

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did he really die of internal bleeding? i watched the video today (huge mistake) and it almost had me in tears, lol he couldnt find anything better to do?? It was an interview that said he had internal injuries but treated them himself.

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If you've ever wondered what lead to 1guy1cup video, what happened after the glass jar exploded in the ass, how he dealt with it, and what he.

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An incredibly disturbing shock video in which a man sits on a jar, and proceeds to 'You're walking strangely today, did you try copying jarsquatter last night?'.

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Sooo has anyone sent you the 1 Man 1 Jar video? If not be sure to search, find, and watch the original before watching any reaction videos or reading any.

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The squat jar, now mostly with a foot, continued into this stage. The first three shapes continued into stage (c) which was, however, distinguished from stage (b) .

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The fact that she did not know how to handle socks and underpants proved that she had been a squatter, in some or other former squatter homeland, now a.

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Ica 9 vessel shapes are proportionately broader and squatter than Phase 6 ones, Among Ica 9 jars relatable to the Complex Jar tradition there are two.