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If your head is throbbing and you feel pressure around your eyes, cheeks, or forehead, you could have a sinus headache. "Many factors can cause a sinus.

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A cold makes it hard to breathe. When your sinuses get blocked, you might hurt too, especially around your forehead, eyes, cheeks, and nose.

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WebMD explains the symptoms and treatment of sinus headaches, including pain and pressure above your nose and between your eyes, but the right Pain and pressure around the sinuses -- in the forehead, especially.

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What home remedies can relieve sinus pressure? Swelling may lead to a feeling of pressure around the nose, cheeks, and above the eyes.

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Between nasal congestion and discharge, facial pain, fullness, which is behind the nose and between the eyes, just below the pituitary gland.

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You have several different sinuses above and below your eyes as well as When using nasal spray to treat a sinus infection, keep in mind that.