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You may want to dampen the moss to make it easier to Most silk flowers have wire in the edges of the petals.

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Fake flower arrangements with decorating tips and tricks are the focus of this post . I used the prettiest silks to create the realistic looking.

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What You'll Need: Create a lasting centerpiece with Liquid Illusion - Simulated Water Resin. Choose your favorite silk flowers from or use the silk.

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Silk Flower Arrangment - Red Parrot Tulip Centerpiece Spring has come! These beautiful red parrot tulips make a simple and stunning arrangement!.

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Love beautiful flower arrangements but can't get it just right? These simple tips will help you to create gorgeous artificial flower arrangements yourself.

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Making a perfect flower arrangement can feel pretty overwhelming. Where do I start? How do I know where to place the flowers so my flower.

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Create your own beautiful and affordable DIY flower arrangements this spring, whether a simple centerpiece or impressive installation.