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I would really like to find a dig site to look for crystals, if anyone's done this for this all over the Pikes Peak Region and Southern Colorado.

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How to Find Crystals, tips and techniques for general prospecting, specifically for finding quartz and amazonite in the Colorado Rockies!.

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Below are a few of Colorado's richest rockhounding sites to get you started. Mount Antero is renowned for large smoky quartz crystals.

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Colorado offers an abundance of minerals, gemstones, crystals and fossils to anyone willing to go out and look for them. For the casual.

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Colorado Rhodochrosite Crystals: Crystals of transparent red rhodochrosite on Home Mine is now closed, and material from that locality is very hard to get.

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Colorado is one of the best places in America to look for minerals, crystals, gemstones, fossils and more. In fact, anyone who is willing to go out.