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If I work up the motivation to re-brick my QF, and add some brick in spots that it does not currently have it, I will need to cut the bricks into.

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I need to replace a couple smaller firebrick in my insert. What is the best way to cut the bricks to size.

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Everyone around me sells firebrick, but no one that sells it cuts it, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on a tool that I'll probably never use.

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Whether you want to work with your hands or a saw, our guide on how to cut fire brick will definitely prove useful next time you try your hand at masonry.

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Fire Brick Saws have specialized teeth that help the blade stay sharp as it cuts through porous fire bricks. Order your saw blade at Carbide Processors.

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Cutting your own firebrick (or any other square brick or stone) is no big deal - all you need is a hammer and chisel. You could use power tools.

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I need to cut a few firebricks in half. They don't need a super smooth finish, as the cut ends will be buried inside my oven, and not at all visible.

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Easy guide to cutting lightweight high temperature insulating firebricks at home by VegOilGuy.

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Re: Cutting refractory bricks degree cut one pass. Can you make a 45 degree cut on the 9" demision of a fire brick in one pass with the.

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The local Furnace supply didnt have any half-thickness firebrick. They said I should just go ahead and cut them down with a.