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If you do decide to clip your bird's wings, follow the instructions and Most wing clipping accidents stem from trying to work on birds that are not to start the trim- line, are highlighted in green in the accompanying photo.

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How to Clip a Small Bird's Wings. Small birds are common as pets and belong indoors for safety purposes. You may want to clip your bird's wings to prevent it.

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How to Clip a Parrot's Wings. Wing clipping is controversial. It may stop your bird from flying out and escaping, but they can become injured by crash-landing.

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Procedure for Correct Wing Clip. Ideally, birds are happiest when they have the ability of flight. Unfortunately this is not always possible. There are many reasons .

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Are you debating whether or not to clip your new budgies wings? Picture. Budgies were designed to fly like many other birds. In the wild they are very active.

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Vets recommend that you let your parakeet out of his cage often, so he can literally test his wings and Clipping a parakeet's wings won't keep him from flying, but it will keep him from flying fast and. Jupiterimages/Goodshoot/Getty Images.