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raider carburetor problem carburetor you start you cannot run quickly. Did you remove and clean emulsion tube in carb.

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Water or dirt in the fuel system, carburetor or filter. Restricted, blocked or kinked fuel line. Fuel tank empty. The gas cap is not venting.

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OKO 28mm carburetor for 66mm piston is applicable, and OKO 30mm for 70mm and above. Calculation of total cc of raider when bored out to 70 mm is.

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How to Clean Motorcycle Carburetors: This free motorcycle was sitting in When it looked shiny, I sprayed in some carburetor cleaner I picked up at the gas.

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Buy carburetor assy stock (suzuki raider lll) in Paranaque City,Philippines. this is a stock carburetor from raider version 3. slightly used and clean.

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