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Decide which lights you are going to put where. It is always good to draw up a picture of the stage and any fixed.

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Many churches have small, conventional lighting systems that are focused for a few set up and your tools are in your pocket, it's time to turn the house lights off .

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What is more fun than designing cool stage lighting for your church auditorium You will have to constantly adjust your iris as the subject moves and the whole.

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Setting the Stage – The Basics of Stage Lighting. It doesn't matter what type of venue you are putting on, be it a concert, wedding, play or poetry reading in a.

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Between rigs, fresnels and gobos, stage lighting can seem endlessly Stage lighting certainly isn't a 'one size fits all' set-up and should be.

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The Stage Lighting Guide, an introduction to stage lighting techniques and This adjustment is achieved by moving the lamp and reflector relative to the lens.

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Here's what artists and performing musicians need to know about lighting to understand the lighting for their set or talk intelligently with a.

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Learn more about our lighting instruction - easy-to-follow stage lighting instructions. Contact Vincent Lighting for more lighting equipment instructions.

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Stage Lighting Guide and help with lighting and stage lighting design and lighting equipment. Setting Up Your Stage Lighting. DMX Lighting Systems – Guide.