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Calculations based on Internet transit costs, as detailed below, to the average customer: technical support staffing, infrastructure upkeep.

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Since they aren't spending jack squat on infrastructure upgrades, that means that their biggest costs are customer service people and.

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Apart from that, the switches, routers and other infrastructure required to handle such So, average cost of internet is about $ per year or $ per month.

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Section 2 provides a description of the costs of Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the infrastructure on which the Internet is built, and describes how costs of service . They charge a non- recurring fee of $5, for T1 service; the fee does not.

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To be a part of the Internet, CloudFlare buys bandwidth, known as transit the lowest transit pricing in the world, it also has below average rates of peering. so transit pricing offsets the cost of the infrastructure to move bytes.

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A Center for Public Integrity analysis of internet prices in five US cities .. meaning the companies' infrastructure costs should be comparable.