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This is a list of cities in Senegal organised by population. It includes all cities with an estimated population of over 10, people.

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Cities in Senegal. Rank, City, Population, Region. Census, Census, estimate. 1, Dakar, 1,,, 1,,, 1,,, Dakar. 2, Touba.

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Senegal is subdivided into 14 regions (French: régions, singular – région), each of which is administered by a Conseil Régional (pl.: Conseils Régionaux).

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Senegal officially the Republic of Senegal (French: République du Sénégal), is a country in The present state of Senegal has its roots in European colonialism, which began during the midth century, when various European French is the official language, although many native languages are spoken and recognized.

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What are the states and regions in Senegal? Here's a list of states/regions you may be looking for.

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The United States established diplomatic relations with Senegal in , The country shares many fundamental values and international.