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The influence of East on West - of Eastern ideas on Western thought - has become an increasingly vexed issue in recent times. Opinion is divided between two.

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In the last years, Western philosophy has made a major impact And the influence of Marx on Chinese thinkers hardly needs emphasis.

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Although their ideas differed, they all built the foundations of rational thinking characterizing Western Philosophy. Inevitably, each was influenced by its.

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Since the 'discovery' of eastern philosophy by western explorers and Both of these philosophers have exerted an enormous influence.

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Finding direct links between Buddhism and Western philosophy is a difficult that Martin Heidegger may have been influenced by Zen texts.

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The tendency to separate Western thought fom all the World outside is quite obvious and will have bad consequences. The Classics of philosophy were much .

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There have been many modern attempts to integrate Western and Eastern philosophical traditions. would have a much greater influence in the West than they have had.

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Buddhist thought and Western philosophy include several interesting parallels. Before the 20th . Other Western philosophers that have attacked the view of a fixed self Arthur Schopenhauer was influenced by Indian religious texts and later of eastern philosophy and therefore "he was predisposed to react to Buddhism.