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After a long period testing and analysing the best way to calculate the FIFA/Coca- Cola World Ranking, a new model took effect in August after approval by.

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Goal takes a look at the new ranking method adopted by which is to be introduced by FIFA in its next cycle.

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The average ranking points for the four previous years, weighted by their multiplier mentioned above, are added together to.

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In January , FIFA introduced a revised system of ranking calculation, incorporating many changes in.

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FIFA has changed its much criticized ranking system, and the they were ranked higher on the day that the FIFA rankings were calculated.

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Unique FIFA rankings, which we generate in real time. During and immediately FIFA rankings - live. X .. We calculate the ranking in the same way FIFA does.

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The ranking of women's national teams was determined by FIFA from the beginning, which was in , officially based on the Elo formula.

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These are 4 factors in FIFA ranking * Match result * Match status * Opposition Using the above weightage Overall points are calculated at any point of time.