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For example, much of the design work for PCs, peripherals, and portable devices urges the use of PTCs because they are self-resettable; using a fuse that must Fuses do in fact interrupt the current flow in response to the overload and the.

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A resettable fuse is a polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) device that is a passive electronic component used to protect against overcurrent faults.

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PPTC resettable fuses are designed and made of patented Polymeric PTC ( PPTC) material in thin chip form. It is placed in series to protect a circuit. At. “ normal.

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What is the basic working principle for this, Is it so that when current goes beyond the rated value its resistance increases, but whether this.

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Like traditional fuses, these devices limit the flow of dangerously high current How a PolySwitch Device Works. Polymer Typical PTC Application. Figure 2. R .

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Resettable fuses are designed and made of patented novel polymeric PTC The device does not trip at or below its rated Hold Current, and will trip at or above.

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Gyandeep - Anniversary Issue ' Resettable PPTC Fuse Fundamentals and it's working. Shri palmcolors.comwara Rao, Professor Signalling/IRISET. Polymeric.