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A flow limiter or flow restrictor is a device to restrict the flow of a fluid, in general a gas or a liquid. Some designs use single stage or multi stage orifice plates to.

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A porous metal flow restrictor is a passageway with many small holes that creates a large number of random streams. Flow restrictors are suitable for use in.

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How does it work? Static conditions (no flow): The o-ring is relaxed (position 1). Dynamic conditions (flow): The o-ring subjected to the line pressure is.

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Mott has the ability to customize gas flow restrictors and flow plugs to meet your optimal specs and can be calibrated to work with any gas. Mott tests each flow.

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Professional flow limiter equipped with a reduction valve Standard flow limiter. The standard flow limiter works on the principle of a needle valve. Its flow is.

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Restrict the flow of water to your tap or shower thus reducing your consumption of water and reduce your bills. Professional installation recommended.