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Each and every Drayton TRV4 features unique non-stick plastic internals as standard to prevent sticking, and ensure that when the colder weather hits, TRVs will.

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Wiser is simple and easy to install if your current controller is mounted on a standard wallplate and you have existing Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs).

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These thermostatic valves (TRV) can stick in the open or closed TRVs benifit from being fully opened then closed several times,then set to.

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The Drayton TVR4 is a one I've used a fair few times. The important thing to understand about TRVs is that they work by shutting off the hot.

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Has anyone used Drayton Wiser smart heating? I'm looking to replace all the trvs with smart ones to give some zoning control. . Open into the evening so I could call after work, quick to pick up the phone and helpful. I'm abroad at the moment but will be ordering the same kit as you and a few extra trv.

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Jan 29, The radiator in our spare room is set to '*' but still gets hot. Days out · UK holidays · Going abroad · Camping · Family travel advice · Skiing . They are Drayton valves, if that makes any difference. How old are your TRVs, and how old? older and/or cheaper thermostatic heads sometimes stop working.