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Inside the grueling Chinese 'sports schools' where 6-year-old farm kids become Olympic superstars. Aly Song/Reuters The first time Susan Brownell walked into the gymnastics gym at Shanghai Yangpu Youth Amateur Athletic School, in Beijing, China, she had to fight the urge to wince.

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Nanning Gymnasium in Nanning, China, is one of many ruthless training Hard training: Her face etched with pain, a child trains for Olympic.

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Gutta thinks it may take India years to emulate China's sporting success US trampoline gymnast Michael Devine trains for the Olympics at his . fiber blades and focusing on his new goal of making the semifinals at the.

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How China trains (read: tortures!) its kids to become Olympic champions! Gymnasts Tortured Into Shape For The London Olympics ( Ellie May Challis vs Oscar 'Blade Runner' PistoriusIn "celebrities".

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to the inch long blades of steel attached to my skate boots, to the That was when I made it my goal to qualify for the Olympics. The coach said to my dad, “You should consider having your daughter train seriously for the sport. The residents of Kearns, Utah had never seen Chinese people in their.

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New Delhi (CNN) There is a video of Olympic athlete Shiva Keshavan sledding down a winding road in the foothills of the Himalayas.

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The Olympics and elite-level sports are essentially an arms race; athletes and trainers look for Chinese medicine practitioners believe it opens up qi channels . But not everyone can train in the mountains. . Flesh-Eating Turtles Into the Ganges · Medieval Sword, Blade Still Sharp, Pulled From Sewer in.