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Air conditioning's main principles are Evaporation and Condensation, then Compression and Expansion. There are five main components to the whole system, namely the Compressor, Condenser, Receiver-dryer, Expansion valve, and the Evaporator. When the aircon system is turned on, the.

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You're stopped in traffic on an August afternoon. Sweat drips from your neck all the way down your back until your shirt absorbs it, making a damp spot between .

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In this article, we'll explain how your auto ac works to produce cool air when driving. Works Diagram. Car Air Conditioning System Diagram.

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Would you like to know how your vehicle's air conditioner works? The diagram below shows the entire system and refrigerant flow (high.

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The diagram below shows the entire system and refrigerant flow (high pressure in red, Source: How Car Air Conditioners Work Explained In Under 5 Minutes.

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The automotive air conditioning system is also works on the reverse Brayton or The layout of refrigerating system is as shown in figure.