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If a friend is sending you too many app or game invites, you can go to your blocking settings and type the friend's name into the Block app invites section.

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I would like to stop friends from sending me game requests for games I do not play. I have no use for them and they are hard to remove.

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How to Block Game Requests. K likes. We will show you how to block Games and Game Requests on facebook.

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How do I stop people sending me game requests but still want them as friends. Games & Apps. Sharing & Connecting. Asked about 5 years ago by Jon.

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Fed up with Farmville? Does Candy Crush drive you crazy? Here's how to put a stop to those annoying Facebook game invitations for good.

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How to Block Game Requests on Facebook. Facebook games are insanely popular, but not everyone loves getting constant requests from their friends to come.

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How to Turn off Game Notifications in Facebook. A lot of people like to play the games in Facebook, but they are far from the majority. Unfortunately, many games.

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STOP Sending Facebook Game Requests -OR- How YOU Can Take Control of Facebook Game Requests Once and For All!.