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Browse the selection of plugs by gauge sizes. 16g, 14g, 12g, 10g, 8g, 6g, 8 Gauge (3mm) ยท 6G Plugs Ear Gauges 1 Inch Ear Gauges 1 Inch Gauge (25mm) .

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After 00g, we run out of gauge sizes, so we use fractions of an inch instead. Depending on the brand or jewelry, one 0g pair of plugs may be slightly smaller or.

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A big part of this is that some jewelry is made overseas and measured in millimeters. And in the USA jewelry is measured in inches/gauges. So many times.

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Any size larger than 00g would be referred to in millimeters or inches. term"ear gauges" then "ear plugs" when looking to purchase jewelry for stretched ears.

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Ear Plugs / Ear Tunnels (Eyelets) / Ear Spacers - Jewelry that you can wear inside Professional body piercers can actually measure your ears to see what size.

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36Pcs Acrylic Ear Gauge Taper Tunnel Plug Expander Stretching Piercing Soft silicone ultra comfort. colors may vary depending on device you are viewing on. Gauge: mm(14G),2mm(12G), mm(10G),3mm(8G), 4mm(6G), 5mm(4G), PAIR Double Flare Steel Ear Plugs Tunnels 12g - 2" Inch You Pick Size Gauge.

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has you covered! We have created a plug size chart for you to reference that you can access online. Gauge to Inches to Millimeters Conversion Chart.

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8G 3mm, 6G 4mm, 4G 5mm, 2G 6mm, 0G 8mm, 00G 10mm, 1/2" 12mm . Many Sizes Cream Floral Ear Plugs Real Flower Gauge Wedding Bridal .. ear tunnel indian gold gauges brass 6g 4g 2g 0g 00g 1/2" 9/16" 5/8" 11/16" 3/4" Inch.