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When I upgraded to windows 10, I discovered that their new browser will not work with dish network, so after being prompted by dish network I.

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When I try to install the Dish Anywhere plug-in I get error messages and it is Do not install the latest Firefox if you want to use Dish Anywhere!.

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I install the extension; try to watch the show -- I see & hear the opening anything from the "Download the updated DISH Anywhere Player" page. Having the exact same issue in IE11, Chrome, and Firefox - all up to date.

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It quit working on firefox a coulple days told me to upgrade to the latest version.I did no why it will not work on the latest firefox? i do have flash enabled. flash disable extension and I can play Dish anywhere now.

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To manually install the DISH Anywhere Video Optimizer plugin, click Windows Firefox: Download Windows Chrome: Download. Mac: Mac Firefox: Download.

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Since installing windows 10 I am unable to watch dishanywhere on my pc. Dish Anywhere says that Edge isn't a compatible browser and suggests Firefox. and no "need to install video player plugin" message anymore-This has to be.