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Confusion about the word has also inspired a handful of "What does 'dale' mean? " inquiries on Google, Yahoo Answers and palmcolors.com

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Pitbull says dale A LOT in his songs and several other artists use the term as well . For those of us that don't speak Spanish fluently I took it.

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Thanks to Pitbull, the world knows the joy of using the expression “Dale!” And don't let me catch you pronouncing it “Dail.” It's DAH-Lay. Dale's.

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Diving Deeper You've likely heard dale in popular club and Latin reggaeton songs, like Pitbull's famous song "Dale." But what does it mean, exactly? Dale is a.

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I love saying it because it is very enthusiastic and fun. Apparently, Pitbull loves to say it, too. Now, you are probably curious what "dale" means.

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Means "go ahead" in spanish, mostly Cuban slang, used alot in Miami. Used as a goodbye or a slang call.

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Miami rapper Pitbull has made a career of straddling crossover lines, "Dale". Meaning: Technically, "do it," but it's complicated. Pitbull says: "It.

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In Spanish, Dale means 'Do It'. Related Questions. What is the meaning behind every BTS song about? Which song of Pitbull do you love the most? Why?.

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Pitbull says dale A LOT in his songs and several other artists use the context and it does not necessarily mean the exact same thing every.