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Do you tend to be more accepting of others' mistakes than your own? If so, you're being too hard on yourself! Those people aren't better than.

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For many people self-acceptance is hard to come by on a good day. It's tenuous, a glass with tiny cracks, at best. On a bad day, when you've made a mistake or.

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Furthermore, when you are able to more fully accept yourself and your difference, it will come more naturally for others in your life to accept you.

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Have you ever gotten caught up in believing that you just need to accept something about yourself or your experience that doesn't feel right?.

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By Linda Adams, President of GTI Recently, a friend said to me that his mother wanted to appear less "flawed" than she really was--she was "nice" and that.

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Why you should accept yourself just as you are 1.) You are a work in progress. Don't beat yourself up or speak negatively to yourself because you aren't perfect.